Have A Good Time But...Get Out Alive!

Have A Good Time But...Get Out Alive!
(Joe Grushecky) 3:49
Don't Let Them Push You Around
(Joe Grushecky) 2:23
Pumping Iron
(Joe Grushecky) 3:54
(Joe Grushecky, Gil Snyder) 3:20
Price of Love
(Joe Grushecky, Gil Snyder) 4:04
We're Not Dead Yet
(Dan Beck, Joe Grushecky, Gil Snyder) 3:01
(Joe Grushecky) 2:44
Old Man Bar
(Bob Boyer, Eddie Britt, Gil Snyder) 3:14
Junior's Bar
(Eddie Britt, Joe Grushecky, Gil Snyder) 4:17
Runnin' Scared
(Joe Grushecky, Art Nardini, Gil Snyder) 3:49
Rock Ola
(Joe Grushecky) 2:52

Joe Grushecky - rhythm guitar, vocals
Eddie Britt -
lead guitar
Art Nardini -
Gil Snyder
keyboards, accordion
Ned Rankin -
Marc Reisman -